Japanese food court | Archviz design project

How to work with your friends, if they're just starting their project? Just share what you can do to help them.

Me and my wife met with some friends who have an idea for their new business, a Japanese food catering service. So, they invited me to try some of the food (delicious btw!).

Yuta's dish n°1

First, we had some fried fish bits as entrée. I have to say that I'm not a fan of fish, but this was really good!

A table with beer, fried fish and salad.

We got even more goodies!

After the main dish and some dessert (mochis), we chatted for a couple of hours about how their project was going, and then they ask us to create an interior design concept for them, to which we agreed. I was given the task to make some renders that begin with the 2D layout, my wife @nebu_hime was responsible for that part.

Then I started modeling all the furniture and the walls, all of which was a reference from some photos.

Blender 3D: A bench and some walls

Some walls and a wood bench, at least it's supposed to be one.

Most of the furniture was designed following this concept of minimalism so, the shapes are pretty straightforward (everything is just straight lines).

Blender 3D: A couch and more walls

The living room couch was next. They shared some pictures of a specific model, so I tried to model it as close as I could.

Finally, I downloaded some free textures and tweaked them just a tiny bit to get the colors from the wood, as well as a free 3D model for the lamp. I recycled some of the textures as well.

Here are the links to some websites with free PBR textures:




https://www.poliigon.com/ (they offer you only like 30 credits for the free plan, so choose carefully!)

And this is the final result:

Blender 3D: A living room concept render image.

And a shot from another angle:

A living room render with some furniture and wooden wall, in a Japanese style.

The project is still a work in progress, so I expect to update this post later next year. I really hope you liked it.